Exercise Can Not Prevent Obesity In Pregnant Women

Exercise Can Not Prevent Obesity In Pregnant Women

Exercise Can Not Prevent Obesity
Pregnant Women Exercise Can Not Prevent Obesity

Exercise is safe for pregnant women and the fetus. However, to ensure that pregnant women, there is slim. Because it is safe for pregnant women and physical fitness at home, exercise or weight gained. In this study, 82 obese women who are pregnant are three to five and a half months of work, UNICAMP Campinas Medical School, the Brazilian research team led by the trade Nascimento.

Researchers divided the women into two groups. Weekly physical fitness and nutrition, weight, and home exercises on a daily basis on the advisory group to the first. The other group received standard care, not to get more information about physical activity. As a result, about half the weight of the experience of these women benefit more than the recommended limit. An increase in the average height of both the groups participating in the study of 10 11 kg. Implementation of exercise when pregnant women were 10 kg And enhance the experience of an average of 36 kg. However, scientists have warned that the conclusions were based on the number of 14 women in the sample groups are small.

This finding is not surprising. A number of studies of diet or exercise, or through the efficiency of weight gain during pregnancy, prevention did not show,” Dr. Patrick Catalano, who did not study Dála in Cleveland, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine maternal and fetal medicine researchers said.

“In addition, women also experience weight gain during pregnancy for pregnant women after use, or the food distribution program, if done in the past, very early in pregnancy, compared to interfere with, or better can be useful, tend to maintain their weight.” Catalano said.

7, 11 lbs Weight Weight Doctors of women during pregnancy, and normal weight women, obese women were less than recommended amounts, increased the recommended 5-9 lbs. Weight increase during pregnancy, more likely to have a very large baby, thus cesarean section is required. It will grow up as a child increases the risk of birth defects or obese.

In this study, a majority of infants born by cesarean, but the birth of any health problems that women are different, which is based on the exercise or. Catalano says that the use of an exercise program for pregnant women with gestational age of robust stability. Therefore, the use and improvement of nutrition in early pregnancy is very important.

“Pregnancy is not a condition restricted or pampering. This is a perfect time to change the behavior of the mother and child. In general, because the unborn child care during pregnancy women are more prone to adopt a healthy lifestyle,” Dr. Raul Artale, Department of Obstetrics, gynecology and who is not involved in the study of Medicine , women’s health at St. Louis University School.

Address unhealthy behaviors in pregnant women, I think Dr Artale pregnancy. Nascimento, the team also showed that women in pregnancy, health providers have the most contact.

At this point, researchers who are overweight and obese pregnant women are not drawn, and in addition to nutritional advice, recommend 30 minutes of physical exercise every day.