Sunbathing Prevent Heart Disease

Sunbathing Prevent Heart Disease

in the morning and afternoon of heart disease can be prevented
in the morning and afternoon of heart disease can be prevented

Too much dwell in the house or office can make you experience a variety of diseases including heart due to lack of vitamin D. But with a solar shower in the morning and afternoon of heart disease can be prevented. Heart disease, stroke, cancer is a deadly disease that has killed millions of people in the world. But according to Dr. L. Toruan Phaidon, MM with a shower or bask under the sun at 10 am or after hours 15 (3 pm) could be one way of preventing the deadly disease.

Please note hours above safe sunbathing, and should avoid the sun between the hours of 10:00 to 14:00 due to exposure to ultra violet rays from the sun at that time, including highest and has a very large solar energy.

Why bathe in the morning and afternoon sun can prevent heart disease?

dr Phaidon wrote that the sun is the main source for vitamin D. Launched what is said John Jacob, founder of Vitamin D Councel, according to dr Phaidon various studies show that vitamin D deficiency plays a role in various diseases including cancer, heart disease, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, arthritis, osteoporosis, and more .

Moreover, continued Dr. Phaidon, there is a study conducted by Giovannucci and colleagues published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in June 2008. The study showed that men with low vitamin D levels had 2.42 times greater risk of heart attack.

Data American Heart Association in 2008, in the United States shows every year there are 920,000 people affected by heart attacks and 157,000 of them died of a heart attack. This trend has begun to be followed by Indonesia, seen from the number of deaths from heart attacks is increasing.

“If we combine these two data, then if the status of vitamin D is fixed, then the number of preventable deaths reached 92,500 people. Fair. Imagine what it means when all of these preventable deaths are executives, professionals, influential officials. Just because of because vitamin D alone, “said Dr. Phaidon as quoted from his writings.

According to Dr. Phaidon, vitamin D also was instrumental in preventing cancer. In one study, Holick and his colleagues found that women who experience vitamin D deficiency, are at increased risk of colon cancer by 253 percent.

In addition, vitamin D also proved to prevent stroke. In a study published in September 2008 in the journal Stroke, examined 3316 patients suspected of having problems with the coronary artery during 7.75 years. As a result, it turns out to each of reduction in levels of vitamin D, there is an increased risk of stroke by 86 percent.

“Levels of vitamin D is referred to in this article are the levels of vitamin D in the blood 25 (OH) D levels normally are about 30-50 ng / ml,” said Dr. Phaidon which is also a sports scientist.

Technically, advanced dr Phaidon, vitamin D is actually not a vitamin. According to the chemical structures of vitamin D has its own shape. Derivative of vitamin D, calcitriol, is actually a secosteroid hormone, which is the key to open the padlock of the human genome. Human genome has 2700 binding site for calcitriol, which all binding site is involved in almost all major human diseases.

What’s the solution?

For people in the 4 seasons who seldom got the sun, you should consume 1000 IU of vitamin D in winter and when there is no sun. And those who lived in Indonesia just sunbathing, while roads in the morning.

“Only by 20-30 minutes sunbathing, we have got 10,000 IU of vitamin D. Best of God. Another effect is the optimal fat burning body when we walk in the morning with empty stomachs,” continued Dr. Phaidon.

According to Dr. Phaidon, very concerned if people who live in tropical regions with abundant sunshine should be deficient in vitamin D, especially those living in urban areas.

“Today we are living in tropical countries even lack of vitamin D, due to too much silence in the office or closed room. We went by car or, even if wearing a motorcycle, wearing a jacket so it is not much affected by exposure to the sun,” concludes Dr. Phaidon.